Aradeth weaponry’s are filled with not only axes and crossbows, but also guns. Guns deal more damage than melee and normal range weapons, but carry some burdens in the form of reload time, higher cost and in some cases: backfire.

There are 4 types of main guns, and each one has a handgun and a rifle version. The four types are: Simple, focussing on dealing damage and doing so well, Advanced, which looks at bigger critranges and faster reload time at the cost of damage, Semi-Advanced, which is a mixup of the previous, and Chance guns, which have average reload times, average damage but one heck of a critical multiplier. Here’s the stats:

Weapon Name
CostDamageCritRange CarryReload
Simple Handgun110gp2d6×260 ft.6S
Advanced Handgun130gp1d818-20×260 ft.8M
Semi Advanced Handgun110gp1d1019-20×260 ft.6S
Chance Handgun120gp1d619-20×360 ft.6M
Simple Rifle200gp2d10×2120 ft.6F
Advanced Rifle230gp2d618-20×2120 ft.6S
Semi Advanced Rifle210gp2d819-20×2120 ft.8M
Chance Rifle220gp2d8×4120 ft.6S

Some information: M is move action, S is standard action, F is full round action. Also, the backfire stats are not included since this depends on the manufacturer.


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